Telling stories

I love to see stories develop through my images and designs showing the true character of each property I style and photograph, whilst reflecting the personality and
telling the story of the person living in it.

Beauty in the details

I see the beauty in the smallest things; whether in nature, in a room filled with furniture and light, or a composition of delicious homemade food. The hardest thing for me is to decide whether to simply enjoy the moment or capture it in a photograph for all to see what I see, in the smallest of details.

Capturing a moment

My passion for photography has been inspired through my travels capturing moments of people and places. I now put that same passion into people homes together with styling and decorating.


After years of living an international life in various countries around the world, I always felt it important to make a home away from home, to make a comfortable nest for my family to feel safe, nurtured and happy after each move to a strange and unfamiliar land.

Adapting and updating my interiors according to the local colours and decor of each country kept me busy. I have collected baskets, cushions, handicrafts, art and antiques along the way creating memories of each place and making my home unique with its fusion of a modern style, together with touches of local decor making my home what it is today.

I also NURTURE through my passion for food and drink. I love that moment when I capture a room filled with people enjoying each others company around a table full of food, wine and laughter. I like to create a fusion of flavours, full of the odours of different herbs and spices. Cooking is my therapy, it gives me something to smile about each day and I hope to those who eat my food!

The challenge of bringing things together creates a synergy…


When Random things come together in one wonderful moment
My story

British, born in Portugal, I soon learnt to uproot myself when I started my international life in Sri Lanka as a student. I left the UK with a backpack for a 6 month internship and ended up staying 6 years, until it was time to pack up a container to follow my French husband for the next adventure, with one toddler and a baby on the way. After first stopping off for a couple of months to give birth to our second child in Portugal, I carried on my way to start a new chapter in Brazil with my family. The rest is history as they say…

In a full circle from Europe, through Asia, South America, East and West Africa and now back to Portugal, my experiences have been filled with colours, tastes, friendships and a beautiful Senegalese daughter fostered along the way. I have been witness to different cultures and shared experiences with some incredible people I would never have met if I hadn’t have traveled.

I have stories to tell but I’m not a writer, so instead I learnt to listen and capture the extraordinary lives of others through my images.

Saudades /saʊˈdɑːdə/ 

A feeling of nostalgia of a past moment with something that you love; be it a place, country or person. (Origin: Portuguese)
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